Learn to Dive!


PADI Advanced Open Water

Take the next step in becoming an efficient and responsible diver while discovering new possibilities and deeper depths. 

Cost: $300

Does not include Charter fee or Gear Rental

2-3 Day course

In this course you will work in perfecting your buoyancy and trim, you will achieve deeper depths, hone in on navigation skills, learn about underwater photography and shark conservation! 

Rescue Diver

This Course is Designed for the diver looking to expand their realm, further their education, and be capable to assist other divers in emergency situations. 

Cost: $400

Does not include Gear Rental

In this course you will master scenerios such as: Rescuing an unconscious diver, lost diver searches, and more!

PADI DiveMaster

Are you ready to become a "Pro."

Prove you have mastered the skills you've obtained and get ready to share your knowledge and passion with up and coming divers.   Welcome to the Professional side of diving! 

Email for pricing and info.

PADI Shark Conservation Specialty

Learn about our local shark populations, global shark conservation issues and DIVE WITH SHARKS!

Cost: $400

Shark Dive included!

Scuba or Snorkel options both available!

Underwater Photography Class

Are you Ready to master your underwater camera rig?   This course is designed to manage and operate camera settings in manual, as well as tips on post editing to enhance your images.  


2 day course: 1/2 day classroom 

and 2 dives

Want to Learn how to dive with Ryan?

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