Shark Diving in Jupiter Florida


Epic Shark Dives

$150 per person

Must provide:

Mask, Fins, Snorkel and Wetsuit

We also Recommend a hood and gloves.

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$150 per person

Must provide:

Mask, Fins, Snorkel and Wetsuit

 For Rental Gear,  please contact us to arrange accommodations prior to your trip date.

From Ryan's Guests:

Santosh said "Ryan and his team run a wonderful operation. You can see they care about what they do, their clients, and the well-fare of the animals. I will be back again."

Heather said " Ryan Walton, I love that my 7 Year old that was afraid to get in(The Water) on Tuesday, trusted you enough to spend 30 minutes snorkeling with (6) Silky Sharks.  A Day i know none of us will ever forget."

Katie said "My dad and I went out with @RyanWaltonOfficial today to swim with Sharks.   Ryan, Derek and Captain Tony are great.  We came across a pod of Dolphins, Ryan was so stoked he jumped in the water before the boat was stopped.  Ryan has such an energy and passion for Sharks that you get sucked in and want to follow blindly to be a part of this amazing experience.  He makes the Trip a once in a lifetime experience"

Summer Season!

Summer Season Starts NOW!  Join me on Pelagic Shark Diving trips! 

The Latest!

We are now at the end of winter shark diving season!  

Some highlights include:

-Our most ever at 30 Lemon Sharks at one time!

- Several days with a large Male Tiger Shark

- Multiple Great Hammerhead sightings!

- Several Female Tiger Sharks!

- Impressive schools of Bull Sharks!

Now (April 2018) we're seeing our Lemon Sharks regularly and occasional Tiger and Hammerheads.  As we get further offshore we're seeing Bull, Sandbar and Dusky Sharks already! 

Commonly asked FAQs

Q - Do you use cages?

A - No. Ryan does not believe in cages.  Ryan wants guests to coexist with Sharks in the open ocean in a safe, guided way.

Q - Why do you require wetsuits?

A - Sharks associate humans with bait by mistake when they observe a contrast that appears like bait.  We wear full gear to avoid looking like bait.