Who is Ryan Walton?


Ryan Walton is a Professional Shark Diver, Brand Ambassador, Scuba Instructor, Athlete, Cameraman and Entreprneur.

Upon becoming a Dive Instructor, Ryan realized how damaged, and how in danger our oceans are. After meeting fellow Conservationists, Ryan began his path to be an Underwater cameraman in hopes he could share the beauty of nature with those who may not get to see it. 

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Awards and Goals

2013 PADI Elite Instructor Award
2014 PADI Elite Instructor Award
2015 PADI Elite Instructor Award
2016 PADI Elite Instructor Award

Ryan's plans for the future are to aid in the strengthening of Shark laws in Florida, and to help introduce more Marine Sanctuaries in Florida while still meeting as many new people as possible and sharing his love for the ocean!


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King of Lionfish

December 2016
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January 2017
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January 2017
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May 2017
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May 2017
ScubaNation - TV Show appearance for Goliath Grouper

August 2017 

WPTV - Interview for 3 year old Shark bite story.